Buashwan Home Appliances Repair and Services

Buashwan was established in 2001. Since our establishment we have been providing service in all over Dubai to clients needing any sort of appliance repair. We service all major brands of household appliances including Fridge, AC, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, vacuum cleaners & all types of Kitchen appliances. We also install and configure new appliances.

We always try and make our clients happy by providing quality service at affordable rates. Some of the key features of buashwan from these 19 years are

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Always On Time Service
  • Setting Exceptional Standards In Servicing
  • Providing Guarantee On Service
  • Professional Customer Service for Domestic and Commercial Clients

Our technicians will always give you an exact estimate for your appliance repair and get your approval before starting any work. We carry 95% of the most common parts needed for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, ovens, ranges etc.

Our team always help and try to educate client how to make your Appliance last longer and run better. All Our Home Appliance Service Technicians are certified. Our Technicians always arrive on time and come prepared with fully stocked trucks so that most repairs can be completed in the first visit.



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